• Please get your payments and certificates of insurance in ASAP!
  • Please review the Exhibitor Web Page for your planned booth numbers (some have changed). When you arrive, check in at the Exhibitor Registration Booth in the main concourse to get your wrist band. Have your booth workers check in there as well when they arrive to pick up their wrist bands. We will not be supplying name badges.
  • COVID Buffer Space – To keep your booth costs down, we opted to not have extra 3′ dividers installed to ensure the 2′ buffer space between booths. Instead all interior booths (not perimeter booths) are 12′ wide. Please set up in the middle using your allotted 10′ leaving the 1′ buffer on either side. We are counting on you – this was a necessary action to ensure the expo happened this year.
  • Don’t forget to reserve your hotel room soon to take advantage of our special rate.
  • There will be coffee available for exhibitors from 8am-8:45am. Donations appreciated.
  • The DoubleTree Hotel will be selling sandwiches during the lunchtime in the main concourse just outside the Expo. 
  • You can validate your garage parking in the Expo hall for $6 parking.
  • Per the Manchester Fire Marshal – No combustible vegetation is allowed such as Christmas Trees, Hay Bales or Corn Stalks!
  • Live Animal Bedding and Food: You can have just the amount you need in the hall, any extra needs to be stored outside.
  • Be sure to review the load in – load out dates times and procedures!! If you have questions, please reach out.
  • Your awards ceremony tickets will be in your arrival packet. If you would like to attend and didn’t sign up to, please let me know. 
  • Please advise your booth workers that masks are required in the expo.
  • You can not store anything behind the back curtain of your booth per the Manchester Fire Marshal. Plan to store extra items under your table or in your car.
  • If you have not reserved your booth furnishings, i.e. table and chairs through Capital Convention Contractors, please reach out to them asap at
  • Per Manchester Fire Marshal: All tractors / equipment brought inside must have locking fuel caps or some means to prevent them from being opened.
  • Per Manchester Fire Marshal: All tractors / equipment shall have no more than ¼ of a tank of fuel and all batteries must be disconnected once in place.

We are so very excited to have you as part of the 2022 New Hampshire Farm, Forest and Garden Expo scheduled for February 4, 9am-7pm and February 5, 9am-4pm at the DoubleTree Hotel, Downtown Manchester NH. We urge you to read through this document thoroughly to ensure things run as smoothly as possible. We’ve made some changes based on your feedback and have added some new initiatives!

The New Hampshire Farm, Forest and Garden Expo is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that provides information and education on all aspects of agriculture and forestry by bringing the state’s farming and forestry communities together to share ideas and views on industry needs, while providing a fun and interesting venue for the public to learn about these industries and their impact on life in New Hampshire.

Follow us on Facebook and PLEASE share our posts to your page and to your affiliates to help make this show a success! We also have some advertisements you can include in your own newsletters as well. Email

Expo Theme | New Garden Skill Showcase Area | New Floor Plan Layout | Hotel Reservations | Booth Furnishings | Additional Forms & Permits | Invoices | Expo Tickets On Sale | Awards Ceremony | Workshop Schedule | Marketing Exposure | Keeping Yourself Safe at the Expo During Covid |

FROM YOUR REGISTRATION FORM: General Booth Information | Return of Exhibitor Fees / Cancellation of Attendance | Set Up | Break Down | Food Handling Requirements | Insurance Certification Information | Manchester NH Fire Department Requirement | Staffing | Selling

The Theme for the 2022 Expo is “Growing Stronger Together”
Not only is incorporating the theme into your display fun, it can win you a free exhibitor booth for 2023! We can’t wait to see what you come up with!
Booths will be scored on: Use of Theme; Display of Business Name; Interactive with Public; Promotion of Activity; Knowledgeable Staff; Overall Appearance 

NEW Garden Skills Showcase Area
More folks turned to gardening this year as a relaxing and enriching pursuit, and we believe that this gives us the perfect opportunity to officially launch the recently added ‘garden’ to our expo’s name. We’ve set aside a large area in the center of the expo for Future Farmers of America (FFA), Garden Clubs/Organizations and some specialty plant clubs to hold their own competitions and display their creations for our guests to enjoy. There will be talks, demonstrations etc happening throughout the two days.  If your related organization would like to hold a competition of your own, email We’ve also invited the NH Landscape Association to create large displays of their skills to serve as the entrance. Exhibitor booths designated as “Center Aisle” will be facing the Garden Skills Showcase area.

Friday, February 4, 9am-noon: FFA Competition
Saturday, February 5, 1pm: NH Orchid Society demonstration on dividing orchids

More demonstration/competition information coming soon! If you would like to reserve a time to do a related demonstration, please email

New Floor Plan / Booth Layout
To accommodate the new Garden Skills Showcase area and to add a buffer between booths for your safety, we have redesigned our layout and renumbered the booths. Please view our Exhibitor page to see your placement!

** To allow for buffer space, each booth will be 12′ long instead of 10′. PLEASE, to save you money by not having to set up extra 3′ pipe and drape dividers, we are counting on you set up your display in the center leaving a 1′ buffer on either side. This buffer is to make our guests and exhibitors feel more comfortable so we could hold the expo this year.

Hotel Reservations at the DoubleTree by Hilton, Downtown Manchester
To reserve a room at our special rate of $137 per night, call the hotel directly and tell them you are an exhibitor, or follow this link. We suggest you reserve soon to get in on our special rate. You can also call 603-625-1000 and tell them you are with FFGE.

Exhibitor Booth Furnishings
Our furnishings company for this year is Capital Convention Contractors. You should be receiving communication from them in the next week to order any tables, coverings etc. You can opt to bring your own. If you don’t hear from them, check your spam folder and/or reach out, and I’ll get you in touch.

You can also call them at 877-335-3700.

Our color scheme for curtains this year is Navy Blue and White.

PERMITTING IS NOW CLOSED – Additional Forms and Permits – NEED ASAP
All exhibitors need to provide a Certificate of Insurance. All forms can be found on our website at

  • If you are providing samples or serving food, you need to fill out and return to us a Food Permit for the City of Manchester.
  • If you are displaying heavy equipment over 800 pounds, you need to fill out and return a Heavy Equipment form.

Everyone should have received an invoice along with a copy of the form you filled out for your booth. If you don’t have it, please check your spam folder and/or reach out to to get a copy.

Expo Tickets are on Sale Now
As a thank you, all tickets purchased before the event will be automatically entered into a drawing for a get-away at the Inn at East Hill Farm in Troy valued at $1200. 


Get-away information:






You also have up to 10 admissions to use to staff your booth during the expo. We are collecting names of who you are expecting and will have these at the exhibitor check-in table in the lobby. This year, we will not be using badges to identify you as an exhibitor. We will have a special wristband for you. This should streamline the check-in process and make things easier for everyone.

Awards Ceremony
Our coveted awards ceremony will be held on Friday, February 4, 2022 from 4-6pm in Penstock. If you haven’t already, reserve your seat today. We need to get our final headcount in. There is no cost to attend.

Learn, Learn, Learn – Workshop Schedule
One of the not-to-miss features of the NH Farm, Forest and Garden Expo is our robust workshop track. All ticket holders can attend any or all of the workshops at no cost. Help us spread the word – full schedule at! This year’s workshops include:

  • New Hampshire Firewood Regulations – Protecting the Consumer and the Forests 
  • An agricultural employer’s guide to federal labor law compliance: An overview of the agricultural related Acts enforced by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Wage & Hour Division. 
  • NH Homestead Act Part 1: Selling Homemade Food in New Hampshire 
  • NH Homestead Act Part 2: When is a Commercial Kitchen Food License Required? 
  • Hay! How to tell what’s it’s really offering your animals 
  • New Hampshire Dairy Goat Seminar- Fencing Options for Small Ruminants 
  • Opportunities and Challenges in Agritourism
  • Flowering Trees and Shrubs for Pollinators and Wildlife
  • How to Live (reasonably well) with Coyotes
  • Old Barn Maintenance
  • Pollinator Garden Certification

Looking For More Marketing Exposure?

  • Purchase an advertisement in our popular FARMO booklet for $50.
  • Become an expo sponsor.
  • Inquire about co-op advertising in our mainstream media marketing – if we have enough interest, we will put this together.
  • Request a stack of rack cards to display at your business.
  • Promote that you will be at the expo through your own communications with your customers. Encourage them to attend!
  • Share your digital, educational programs to our Facebook page.

More info on all these programs are at:

Keeping Yourself Safe at the Expo During Covid

What we are doing…

  • We have created a 2’ buffer area between booths
  • We are limiting capacity in the hall
  • Fabrizia NH Made hand sanitizer will be available throughout the event floor and offered to all as they enter
  • We will follow all guidelines and protocols from the CDC, NH Health and Human Services and the City of Manchester
  • Masks will be required in the building

What you can do…

  • Restructure your booth to create a barrier between you and guests. For example, put your table across the front of your booth so you can control the distance of your guest by simply backing up.
  • Limit hands-on, interactive displays and sanitize the area regularly. Think of creative new ways to engage guests.
  • Use a sneeze guard
  • Wash / sanitize your hands regularly
  • Stack displays in front of you to help create a barrier.
  • Wear a disposable mask and change it every few hours

General Booth Information
The Expo encourages exhibits that foster engagement and education. You are encouraged to have an interactive demonstration and/or hands-on component to your exhibit.
Each booth space is 10 feet wide and 8 feet deep. The Expo furnishes a basic booth consisting of a draped back and sidewalls. Watch for an email from our convention services company to rent booth furnishings. To save money, exhibitors are encouraged to bring their own tables, mountings, panels, chairs, carpets, extension cords, and other extras.

Return of Exhibitor Fees/Cancellation of Attendance
Due to the financial commitments Expo management has made prior to the actual Expo event, please be advised the NH Farm, Forest, and Garden Expo will remain open throughout the duration of posted show hours. This is subject to acts of God, casualty, war, government regulation, civil disorder, terrorism, disaster, strikes or any other cause of emergency beyond Expo management’s control, making it totally inadvisable, illegal or which materially affects the ability of Expo management to execute the Expo.
In the case of severe weather, the Expo will remain open unless the governor of the state of New Hampshire (or designee) has declared a State of Emergency for the state. Exhibitors are encouraged to use discretion about your organization’s participation in the Expo. No exhibitor refunds will be provided.

Set Up
Heavy equipment will be allowed to unload on Thursday, February 3, 2022, from 9AM to 1PM. In order to facilitate the safe and efficient unloading of heavy equipment only, you will be assigned a time for unloading. If you are unable to do this, please contact NHFFGE staff at Heavy equipment is unloaded at the DoubleTree Hotel Loading Dock located on Pleasant Street, located off of either Canal Street or Elm Street (there is a parking lot behind the hotel – this is where you will see the loading dock). 

We will have a pallet jack available and a Lull for those who can’t unload at dock height. Landscapers are encouraged to come during heavy equipment time.

Using the double doors leading out of the Main Exhibition Area to the front of the hotel for unloading (set up or break down) is not permitted. Misuse of this exit for anything other than the personal entrance or exit will put your future participation at the Expo at risk.

Safety is our top priority! Exhibits not involving heavy equipment are asked to unload on Thursday, February 3, 2022, from 2PM to 6PM. We ask for your cooperation in refraining from coming in before 2PM due to the large volume of heavy equipment being unloaded and parked. The loading dock will also be open from 7:00 AM to 8:30 AM on Friday, February 4, 2022.

Smaller exhibits are to be loaded/unloaded via the parking garage entrance. Please do not block the access ways in the parking garage with exhibits that should be unloaded via the loading dock. All exhibitors must be set up by 8:30 AM Friday, February 4, 2022, prior to our inspection by the Fire Department. Any exhibitor not set up by 8:30 AM cannot be allowed on the Expo floor for Friday’s show, but may return for Saturday, February 5, 2022, if you can be set up by 8:30 AM.

Lastly, all storage for materials used in your booth needs to be located within your booth, either under a table or within your exhibit somehow, or in a guest room or a car. Nothing can be tucked behind your booth curtains or to the sides of your booth. Rules have been tightened at the hotel, so we will remind you about this many times before the show. Businesses and organizations not following this rule might get fined by the hotel!

We will have limited coffee available from 7-9am.

Break DownSaturday, February 5th 4-6pm
To give our late arriving guests the best experience and impression of our expo, we ask that you do not break down your booth until after 4pm on Saturday, February 5th. Guest experience is important to the success of our show, so you will be charged a $25 fee for breaking down early or you will not be asked back to the 2023 Expo. The only exception would be live animals. In order to keep their stress level down, animals will be allowed to leave the exhibit floor 30 minutes early.

Food Handling Requirements
The Manchester Health Department prohibits the sale of food unless it is pre-packaged, labeled and prepared in a state licensed kitchen. Per the hotel, concession items, except charitable efforts, are not allowed. Giveaway samples are allowed and plastic gloves are encouraged. The DoubleTree Hotel facilities must not be used for any storage or preparation of food items at the NH Farm, Forest, & Garden Expo. If you are planning to give away food samples, or sell packaged food items, you must have paperwork on file with the Manchester Health Department. Manchester Health Department. Click here to download the form.
Please note: All food exhibitors must display, sample or sell NH-made food products, or products that are made mostly from NH ingredients. A copy of your Department of Health certification and a copy of your most recent facility health inspection form (required by the Manchester Department of Health) must be sent to expo management. Please be aware the Manchester Department of Health will be onsite during the Expo.
Public safety is of the utmost importance, so please understand that if your certification and health inspection form are not received by the Expo staff by January 11, 2021, your organization’s ability to exhibit at the 2022 NH Farm, Forest, & Garden Expo will be revoked with no refund of booth fees.

Insurance Certification Information – SEND IN ASAP
We require that a Certificate of Insurance be provided. The policy must be a One Million Dollar General Liability policy issued by a company authorized to do business in New Hampshire. This is a simple (one page) document which is issued as a matter of information only from your general liability insurance policy agent. There is generally no extra cost to you from your insurance company.
This Certificate of Insurance must contain the NH Farm, Forest, & Garden Expo dates of February 3 – February 5, 2022, and list the NH Farm, Forest, & Garden Expo as ‘Additional Insured.’ This form must be received by January 10, 2021. If not received, your organization cannot be allowed access to the Expo floor. If your organization is self-insured, please provide a statement on your organization’s letterhead stating your insurance current status, signed by an official at your organization. Insurance certifications or statements of self-insurance may be e-mailed to

Manchester NH Fire Department Requirement
• The ground cable of any exhibited vehicle’s battery must be removed, not just disconnected.
• Gas tanks must be a minimum of 1/8 full or maximum of 1/4 full.
• Gas cap must be capped, locked, then taped.
• No fueling in the function room or where there are crowds of people, (i.e. in the back lot, when used as an area to display a car.)
• Vehicles cannot be moved when the public is in the room
• No storage behind the booth (behind curtains)

  • No hay, straw, cornstalks, or other dead vegetation.  Live garden displays are fine.

Staffing – If you are having trouble with staffing this year, reach out to
All booths must be staffed during the hours that the Expo is open to the public. Granite State Ambassadors will be available to give you a break should you need to step away from your booth and you do not have the staff to cover in your absence. The Ambassadors wear green shirts and are usually found at the entrance to the show floor. You can flag them down as they walk the floor, or you can schedule a break by texting 603-960-0272 with your booth number. Please do not ask them to be responsible for sales, as their function at the Expo is to solely lend support to Expo Management and guest interaction.

Your mode of selling and safety of your cash box is your responsibility. While the main focus of the Expo will always remain educational, the Farm, Forest, and Garden Board of Directors do allow direct sales of strictly agricultural and forestry-related items.
If at any time during the show the Board of Directors deems an item you are selling inappropriate for the NH Farm, Forest and Garden Expo, you will be notified so you can remove it from the show. If you are uncertain of the acceptance of an item you plan to sell, call Kelly Bryer, our Expo Manager, at (603) 960-0272.
There is to be absolutely NO raffling or selling of live animals during the trade show. Any other raffles must be approved in advance by the Exposition Manager, following the State of NH RSA’s.

2020-2021 Board Members

Jayson McCarter, President
NH Food Bank Recipe for Success 

Rachel Maccini, Vice President
UNH Cooperative Extension

Michelle Bersaw-Robblee, Clerk
UNH Cooperative Extension, Merrimack County 

Anne Boisvert, Treasurer
NH State Grange

Jolee Chase
retired – UNH Cooperative Extension-Hillsborough County 

Debbi Cox
NH Agriculture in the Classroom

AJ Dupere
NH Division of Forests & Lands / Urban Forestry Center

Ted Frost
Frost Farm Service

Amy Hall
Granite State Dairy Promotion

Jason Lagasse
JML Services

Gail McWilliam-Jellie
NH Dept. of Agriculture, Markets & Food

John Porter
UNH Cooperative Extension

Jonathan Ebba
University of New Hampshire

Samantha Stoddard
Farm Credit East