We invite you to help us celebrate our 39th Year – this Farm, Forest and Garden Expo is going to be a humdinger!

Market your products and services to decision-makers, influencers, buyers, and end-users at NH Farm, Forest, & Garden Expo, the only NH show exclusively targeted to the agriculture, forestry, and gardening industries.

Exhibit at a family-friendly event to celebrate the state’s farming and forestry communities. The exposition includes animals, kid’s activities, workshops, speaker programs, a large trade show featuring equipment, products and food produced or sold in New Hampshire, and much more.


  • Have personal and meaningful conversations with attendees.
  • Participate with the industry’s best individuals and organizations.
  • Share and learn knowledge with other gardening, agricultural and forestry community members.
  • Show off your skills and demonstrate hands-on activities.

We are excited to announce our new partnership with Granite State Ambassadors who have joined our show management team. With this change in expo management, you will find a new energy focusing on our exhibitors and guests, as they experience fun new ways to experience the event.

Being an Agriculture/Forestry-based exposition, we are offering priority sign ups to exhibitors who best fit with the Expo’s Farm, Forest and Garden theme. If you are not sure if you are a good fit for the Expo, please reach out to Kelly at info@nhfarmandforestexpo.org or 603-960-0272 for a prompt response.

All booths are 10’ x 8’ and include pipe and drape delineation only. You can read all the details about exhibiting on our registration form

Standard Interior Booth
   • Commercial  $325 | after Nov 1, $360
   • Educational/non-profit $275 | after Nov 1, $300

Center Aisle
   • Commercial  $375 | after Nov 1 $415
   • Educational/non-profit  $325 | after Nov 1 $360

   • Commercial  $400 | after Nov 1 $440
   • Educational/non-profit  $350 | after Nov 1 $385

10 amps $80 | after Jan 6, $195
20 amps $110 | after Jan 6, $220

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