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2021 NH Farm, Forest, & Garden Expo Educational Session Registration

Thank you for your interest in presenting an educational session at NH Farm, Forest, & Garden Expo! The goal of these education sessions is to enhance the expo. With that in mind, the format of our education sessions will change for 2021. We encourage teaching a skill, instead of teaching everything, there is to know about a topic. The goal is to have these education sessions be ONE HOUR in length. Give a chapter, not a novel. A good example would be Ted Talks. They are quick but educational. To see examples of Ted Talks, please click here: https://www.ted.com/talks?topics%5B%5D=agriculture. However, we know that some sessions won't fit into this format. We have reserved meeting rooms in the hotel for sessions that will go over ONE HOUR or want to teach everything about a topic. ALL EDUCATION SESSION TOPIC FORMS ARE DUE NO LATER THAN OCTOBER 1ST.
  • Section 1: Session Information

  • (Provide up to 6 sentences that give a brief overview of the topics to be discussed. This will be used as the session description found on our website. Having trouble developing a session description? Try this as a guide: First sentence: a catchy introduction to draw in the reader, touching upon the topic you’re posing; Second and third sentences: define the topic with more detail and provide context; Fourth and Fifth sentences: address the target audience and who would most benefit from the session; Sixth sentence: explain how the session will be presented and the objective of the session).
  • Section 2: Session Organizer Information

  • Section 3: Session Presenter Information

  • If having a panel, please provide First Name, Last Name, Title, Organization, and E-mail Address. This way we can provide table tents and thank you cards.
    Again, please try to keep your session to ONE HOUR or less. Those sessions will be in the meeting rooms next to the Expo. If your session is longer than ONE HOUR, it will be offered in the hotel versus being next to the Expo hall.