We are looking forward to seeing you at the NH Farm, Forest and Garden Expo on Friday, May 3, 9am-7pm and Saturday, May 4, 9am-4pm, 2024 at the Deerfield Fairgrounds. We are excited that you will be joining us. Please take a moment to read through this page to make sure things run smoothly for you and us. 


We encourage you to review your listing on our website and our planned location for your booth.  If you still need to submit your Certificate of Insurance or payment, please do asap.. If there are any errors, please let me know soon and I’ll do my best to fix it. Things happen and we may move you so please double check the booth sign at your location. 

URGENT: If you would like to add Electricity ($0), WiFi ($0), tables ($25), chairs ($5) or camping ($40/night) to your order, inquire as to whether we can still accommodate you. I did order a few extra tables and chairs. Indoor booths only have a back drop of a curtain or outside wall – there may not be half-curtains on the sides of your booth. We have added some for stability of the divider – they may not reflect your booth size. Please note that tables do not include linens.

If you would like to rent a camper and stay on site, we have partnered with Adventure Camper Rentals https://adventurecamperrentalsllc.com/. You can order a camper directly from them. The fairgrounds charge $40 per night for sites with water/electric and $20 per night for dry camping. There is a dumping station on site.

We’ve added many events to the schedule including the Dark Horse Lumberjack Show, 4H and FFA competitions and free horse drawn wagon rides as well as a pretty robust selection of workshops planned!! The Ag Discovery Zone and FARMO booth will be in Building C and a general children’s play area will be in Building A. The drawing entry for the Inn at East Hill Farm stay will also be in Building A along with a second FARMO booth.  There will be an ATM in Building A as well. 

ELECTRICITY – It’s free, but you may need an extension cord.
In most cases for indoor booths, electricity comes from receptacles on the ceiling. BRING at least a 20’ EXTENSION CORD. Outdoor booths connect to poles scattered throughout the grounds. Bring a long weather-worthy extension cord.

WIFI – it’s free but I do need to order your connection ahead of time!!
Wifi gives you access to the system for ONE device and is only for transactions. It can’t handle streaming for entertainment purposes. Should you need a second login for a different staff person on the second day, please let me know by this Friday. 

There will be a PA SYSTEM on site this year to make announcements to guests. Stop by our office trailer near the flagpole to submit any announcements about demonstrations happening at your booth. 

We have several food and snack trucks this year. If you are a food vendor and want to offer exhibitors and volunteers a discount, please let me know.

SET UP – GATE E of the Deerfield Fairgrounds
Set up will be on Thursday, May 2, 9am-7pm and Friday, May 3, 6am-9am. The Gate will open at 7:30am on Saturday.

We require that a Certificate of Insurance be provided. The policy must be a One Million Dollar General Liability policy issued by a company authorized to do business in New Hampshire.  This Certificate of Insurance must contain the NH Farm, Forest, & Garden Expo dates of May 2-5, 2024, and list the NH Farm, Forest, & Garden Expo as ‘Additional Insured.’ Our address is PO Box 2585, Concord NH 03302. Have your COI emailed to kelly@nhfarmandforestexpo.org

Our main entrance will be GATE E. You can park anywhere in the public parking area and walk in to Gate E. If you would like to park on the grounds, GATE F behind the buildings will be open until 8:45am on Friday and Saturday. It will be closed during the expo and will reopen when we close each day. This is to allow you to park closer to your booth so you can restock from your vehicle or shorten the long walk in from the fields. If you are entering through GATE F, you can sign in there to get your wristband. 

 Accessible parking will be available near the Gate E ticket booth. Watch for the tall blue ‘feather’ sign. 

During Expo hours, you and your staff must check in at Gate E. Look for the Exhibitor Check-in window on the right. We’ve simplified things this year. You are entitled to 10 staff admissions unless you purchased more. Your staff will simply sign in with their name and your company name to get their wristband. Exhibitor wristbands will be good for both days. 

You will pick up and return your pre-rented tables and chairs from the racks at your building. We will have folks on hand to help out, but plan to assist your neighbors. TABLES DO NOT HAVE LINENS. Bring your table coverings.  

Our esteemed awards ceremony will be held off the porch of Building A on Friday, May 3rd at 4pm. 

Due to weather considerations, we cannot provide tables for outdoor booths unless they are fully protected and returned to the racks between Buildings B and C. Plan to bring your own tables/chairs. You MUST be sure your tents are anchored securely. Plan to use high quality stakes please.  


Expo Manager: Kelly Bryer 603-851-8624

New Hampshire Farm, Forest and Garden Expo

Code of Conduct

DOWNLOAD AND SIGN return to kelly@nhfarmandforestexpo.org

The 41st New Hampshire Farm, Forest and Garden Expo prides itself on fostering a warm and inviting atmosphere for our event. We welcome exhibitors, families, friends, and children to experience a positive and enjoyable time together. To maintain this environment, we have established high standards of conduct to ensure respectful and inclusive presentations, behaviors, and promotions.

  1. No distributing or displaying of product, literature, coupons, stickers, or any other promotional material of any kind outside of your contracted booth or sponsorship space without prior permission.
  2. No promotion of company, brand, or products through individuals or activities featuring company branding or mascots outside of your contracted booth or sponsorship space.
  3. All exhibitors must be on-site and set-up by 8:30am.
  4. All vehicles not part of an exhibit must be in designated parking areas by 8:30 a.m. daily. Anyone parked in exhibitor parking at Gate F on the grounds cannot move their vehicle until the expo closes each day.
  5. Exhibitors are not permitted to dismantle their exhibits or do any packing prior to 4:00 p.m. on Saturday.
  6. No unauthorized dogs or other animals are allowed. Only certified service dogs are permitted.

Harassment in any form of any event participants, other exhibitors, staff, volunteers, or event attendees will not be tolerated. Anyone violating the rules below may be expelled from the event and the venue at the discretion of the organizer on the day of the event.

This is a zero-tolerance policy. Violators will not be invited back to future events.

Harassment, as discerned by the event organizers, includes, but is not limited to:

  • Offensive verbal comments or gestures related to gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, religion, race or exhibit topic.
  • Shouting or screaming.
  • Sexual images displayed, unwelcomed attention or comments of a sexual nature.
  • Intentional intimidation, stalking, or following.
  • Harassing photos or videos.
  • Verbal harassment.
  • Inappropriate physical contact.
  • Advocating or encouraging any of the above behavior prior to or at the event.
  • Any acts of violence.
  • Any behavior that at the sole discretion of the NH Farm, Forest and Garden Expo and/or the Deerfield Fairgrounds Association is deemed objectionable.

If you notice any of the above behavior taking place at the event, or if someone has made you feel unsafe or unwelcome, please report it to the Expo Manager, Kelly Bryer 603-851-8624. We appreciate your cooperation in upholding these standards and look forward to a successful and enjoyable event for everyone.

DOWNLOAD AND SIGN return to kelly@nhfarmandforestexpo.org
We will have additional copies at check-in.


Celebrate New Hampshire’s State Symbols – WIN A FREE BOOTH FOR NEXT YEAR
This year’s theme is all about New Hampshire’s State Symbols (see below). Get creative and incorporate them into your booth design and FARMO questions. Guests can spot the symbols for a chance to win prizes and swag donated by our exhibitors and learn even more on our new interpretive signs that will be scattered around the grounds. Let’s celebrate our state in style! The annual theme contest not only gives you a chance to win a free booth for next year, it adds to the fun and festive experience we strive to create for our guests. We’ve had a great response to our State Symbols coloring contest and the entries will be displayed in Building A.

State Flower: Purple Lilac
State Wildflower: Pink Lady Slipper
State Animal: White Tailed Deer
State Insect: Ladybug
State Amphibian: Red Spotted Newt
State Dog: Chinook
State Butterfly: Karner Blue
State Saltwater Game Fish: Striped Bass
State Freshwater Fish: Brook Trout
State Bird: Purple Finch
State Beverage: Apple Cider
State Fruit: Pumpkin
State Raptor: Red Tailed Hawk
State Mineral: Beryl
State Gem: Smoky Quartz
State Rock: Granite
State Song: Old New Hampshire plus 8 honorary songs
State Spider: Daring Jumping Spider
State Tartan: Designated colors and #s of threads
State Tree: White Birch Tree
State Sport: Skiing
State Vegetable: Potato
State Poultry: New Hampshire Red
State Berry: Blackberry
State Motto: Live Free or Die
State Emblem: Old Man of the Mountain