Don’t miss the Ag Discovery Zone at the NH Farm, Forest & Garden Expo on May 5 & 6.  The Ag Discovery Zone is a space for families to interact with a variety of agricultural-themed stations.  You will enjoy a journey from the farm-to-farm stand as you pick your own vegetables, milk a cow, gather eggs, and more. There is always something to see and do in the Ag Discovery Zone!


New Hampshire 4-H Competitions

Saturday, May 6, 2023

Selfie with a Sheep (10:00 am-2:00 pm)

Peter Rabbit Story time (1-4 pm)  and selfies with Mr. McGregor & Beatrix Potter

NH 4-H Grill Master Cook-Off (9:00 am-1:00 pm)

4-H Chain Reaction Challenge – Hey Diddle, Diddle (10:00am-1:00 pm, judging at 11:00am)

4-H Grilled Cheese Challenge (10:00am-1:30 pm)


The NH 4-H Grill Master Cook-Off is where 4-H cooking meets animal science. Teams of three have 45 minutes to prepare a meal including a meat protein, starch, vegetable, and mystery ingredient ALL on a grill. All the teams will use the same four base ingredients but need to use teamwork and creativity to create the rest of their meal. All dishes will be presented to a panel of judges and the Ultimate Grill Master Team will be named at the end of the day.

This event is open to all youth ages 10 to 18. Participants will be provided the mandatory ingredients but will need to supply all additional ingredients and supplies. To learn more about this event, see the ingredients for 2023 and register, visit The registration deadline for this contest is April 14th! Please reach out to Hannah Majewski, Merrimack County 4-H Program Manager at with any questions or help to register.


Join the 4-H Chain Reaction Challenge and as a team design and build a unique invention that completes a chain reaction inspired by the nursery rhyme Hey Diddle, Diddle.  Have fun finding ways to include elements such as a cat playing the fiddle, a cow jumping over the moon, a laughing dog and dish running away with a spoon somewhere in the working part of the chain reaction.  Then showcase your invention at the New Hampshire Farm and Forest Expo on Saturday, May 6.

This event is open to all youth ages 8 to 18.. To learn more about this event and register, visit The registration deadline for this contest is April 14th! Please reach out to Claes Thelemarck, Extension Field Specialist – Science Literacy at with any questions or help to register.



Show your culinary chops and create a delicious, healthy grilled cheese sandwich at the Grilled Cheese Challenge!  Youth may register as an individual or as a team of 2-3 members. This event is open to ALL 4-H members, ages 8-18. To learn more about this event and register, visit Register by May 1, 2023.

Granite State FFA Competitions
Friday, May 5, 2023

FFA Lumberjack Competition

Friday, May 5, 10:00 am

The competition is open to members of the Granite State FFA. Students will work in teams of four.  Events will include wood split,  pulp toss, bow saw, obstacle course, log roll, crosscut, and a team relay. Students are judged on accuracy and speed. This contest encourages students to communicate proficiently, problem solve. and work as a team – skills that translate into other career opportunities.


FFA Livestock Judging Competition

Friday, May 5, 9:30 am

Students from Granite State FFA Chapters are eligible to compete in this event.  They will work in teams to rank breeding and market classes of beef, sheep, goats, and swine and give oral reasons to back up their decisions. Participants in this competition make accurate and logical observations of livestock, decide on the desirable traits in marketing and breeding livestock, and select and market livestock that will satisfy consumer demands and provide increased economic returns to producers.

Understanding what makes a good market or breeding animal is valuable knowledge for the decisions every livestock producer has to make. This event also encourages students to communicate effectively, interpret data and work as a team — skills needed in all walks of life.