Congratulations to the New Hampshire Grange for winning first place in our booth theme contest. New Hampshire Grange best incorporated our selected theme “Growing Stronger Together” into their design. For their efforts, they will receive a free exhibitor booth in 2023! Second place was won by the New Hampshire Farm Bureau.

Annual NH Farm, Forest & Garden Expo Celebrates 39 Years!

Award Winners Recognized at Annual Ceremony

The 39th annual NH Farm, Forest & Garden Exposition was held on February 4-5, 2022.  Despite winter storm weather challenges and ongoing Covid concerns, the event featured a busy trade show showcasing the latest in agricultural and forest technology and educational workshops and demonstrations with something for everyone, from the hobbyist to the professional.

The annual industry awards reception, held on Feb. 4th, recognized individuals and businesses for outstanding contributions to their industry. The winners are as follows:

NH Farms of Distinction is a program of the NH Department of Agriculture, Markets & Food that annually recognizes those New Hampshire Farms that go the extra mile to keep their busy farmsteads neat and attractive, thereby portraying a positive image for New Hampshire agriculture. The 2022 winners are:

Butternut Farm, Farmington, NH: Giff and Mae Burnap are graduates of the University of NH and after working on Giff’s family fruit farm in upstate NY for a number of years, they had the opportunity to return to NH in 2004 and purchase Butternut Farm in Farmington.  Butternut Farm, which had been operating since 1990, was the top choice among the farms that the Burnaps were considering because of it’s location, excellent soils and great farming history. Since purchasing the farm they have planted additional varieties of apples and diversified the types of fruit they offer. The farm currently features 25 acres of pick your own fruit, beginning in June with strawberries and running through October with apples and other tree fruits, berries and pumpkins. The Burnap’s goal is to create welcoming environment for people to visit the farm and experience the harvest first hand.  They also sell fruit trees in the spring and in 2017 built a cider house and now produce a line of hard ciders for sale at the farm.

Harding Hill Farm, Sunapee NH: Tyler and Kelly Webb took over management of the Harding Hill Farm in Sunapee in 2014 when Tyler became co-owner with his father, Van. Harding Hill Farm was established by Van’s parents in 1948 and was a sheep farm for many years. The property had been farmed in various capacities since the 1700’s. Tyler has a forestry background and with his father, offers tree care and forest management services. Kelly has degrees in dairy and animal nutrition. Tyler and Kelly introduced a herd of belted Galloway cattle to the farm and have worked to acquire land and improve pastures and grazing options. The farm is currently comprised of about 150 acres including 45 acres of rented pasture and hayland. Grass-fed beef is sold at their retail store and at the local farmers’ market. The family has also produced maple syrup for three generations and they currently make about 1000 gallons of syrup per year. They also process and sell firewood and hay.

Hazelton Orchards, Chester, NHHazelton Orchards is a small family orchard that dates back to the late 1800’s in the Hazelton family. Kitt and Cathy Plummer now rent the property and manage the operation that has been in Cathy’s family for generations.  Kitt and Cathy took over the farm in 2009. They planted a new peach orchard and also added  newer varieties of apples while keeping established classic varieties such as Northern Spy, Baldwin and Gravenstein. Today the farm is comprised of 90 acres including orchard, vegetable cropland and woodlands. The Plummers produce about 20 varieties of apples, 18 varieties of peaches and several varieties of pears sold at their seasonal, retail farm stand. They also sell a selection of vegetables, cider and products from other local farms including maple, jams and jellies and honey. In addition they offer pick-your-own apples  throughout the harvest season and pick-your-own peaches in mid-September.

Nye Hill Farm, Roxbury, NHNye Hill Farm in Roxbury was established in 1790 by Nathan Nye. In  2010 the property was purchased by Anthony and Deb Kline who were looking to resurrect the farm. The Klines established a certified organic farm and offer a seasonal farm stand with vegetables, fruit, maple and honey. They also sell wool from their own sheep and pottery from resident potters.  In addition to the farm stand they also sell to local restaurants and retailers. The farm is comprised of 116 acres including about 25 acres for fruit and vegetable production, 10 for animal pastures and much of the woodlands contain maple trees used for syrup production.  The Klines espouse a strong respect for the land and the principles of holistic care. The farm also operates a brewery on-site  and makes and sells beer. Nye Hill Brewery strives to use local and American ingredients in the brewing process.

New Hampshire Green Pastures Dairy Farmer of the Year award is presented annually to an outstanding NH dairy farmer. A similar award is presented in each New England state as part of the New England Green Pastures program which honors dairy farmers for management and contribution to the agricultural community.  The program started from a challenge posed by former governor of New Hampshire, Charles Dale, over 70 years ago, who dared the other New England states to produce better pastures.  All New England winners are honored each year in September at the Eastern States Exposition in W. Springfield, MA. The New Hampshire winner is recognized every year at the Farm, Forest & Garden Expo. 

The 2021 NH Green Pastures winner was Windyhurst Farm of Westmorland. This outstanding dairy farm is operated by Stuart and Robyne Adams and their family. The farm had been a Green Pastures winner under the previous generation, Roger and Ellie Adams, in 1975. Windyhurst Farm maintains a herd with close to 300 milking cows and participates in numerous conservation programs to manage their 600 acres along the Connecticut River and adjacent Cheshire County lands.

The Stephen H. Taylor Agricultural Leadership Award, presented by the NH Farm, Forest & Garden Expo, recognizes outstanding work by an individual who works professionally in the field of agriculture. The 2022 award was given to Seth Wilner of Newport. Seth works as UNH Extension Educator, Agricultural Resources and Environmental Stewardship in Sullivan County, a position he’s held since 2000. He worked as a Peace Corps Volunteer and with Extension in Wisconsin prior to working in NH.

Seth focuses on farm planning and business management in his Extension work. He is dedicated to helping farms succeed and every family member on the farms he works with gets his attention in the process. Throughout his career, Seth has mentored farmers and colleagues.  He is described as the “glue” that holds the team together and gets things done. Seth exemplifies leadership in the field of  agriculture and embodies the spirit of the Stephen H. Taylor Leadership Award.

The Andrew L. Felker Memorial Award is presented by the NH Farm, Forest & Garden Expo for significant contributions to the health and vitality of New Hampshire agriculture. The award is named after New Hampshire’s first Commissioner of Agriculture.

This year’s award was presented  Steve Taylor of Meriden. Steve served as NH Commissioner of Agriculture from 1982-2007. His 25 year stretch as commissioner is second only in duration to Andrew Felker, himself, who served over 30 years.

Steve’s accomplishments as commissioner were many, but his commitment to the industry has continued since leaving the department. He was a New England correspondent for Lancaster Farming, an agricultural newspaper based in Pennsylvania. Steve began presenting for the NH Humanities Council upon retirement, and continues to do so today on topics related to agriculture and rural life. He serves on many agricultural boards and committees locally and regionally. Steve embodies the spirit of Andrew L. Felker in encouraging and promoting the resources to assure the future strength and success of New Hampshire agriculture. 

For more information about the NH Farm & Forest Expo, visit www.nhfarmadforestexpo.org.

Andrew L. Felker Award

The Andrew L. Felker Award recognizes distinguished achievement in fostering the economic advancement of agriculture in New Hampshire.

 Year Awarded
 Recipient  Organization
2021 Steve Taylor Former Commissioner of Agriculture
2020 Tyler Hardy Brookdale Fruit Farm
2019 Pooh Sprague Edgewater Farm
2018 Tara Sad Former NH State Legislator
2017 Robert Haefner Former NH State Legislator
2016 John Moulton Moulton Farms
2015 Helen Brody NH Farms Network
2014 David Kennard Wellscroft Fence
2013 Chip Hardy Brookdale Farms
2012  Helen Costello NH Food Bank
2011 Charlie Burke NH Farm-to-Restaurant
2010 Diane Souther Apple Hill Farm
2009 Sarah Zoe Patterson Seacoast Eat Local
2008 Dr. Edwin Blaisdell Veterinarian
2007 Jeannie McIntyre Upper Valley Land Trust
2006 Carl Schmidt
(Mike Speltz – Honorable Mention)
NH Preservation Committee
2005 Webb Palmer Alvirne High School
2004 Eero Ruutilla  
 2003  Hanover Consumer Cooperative  
 2002 Erick Leadbetter Gould Hill Farm
 2001 Lorraine Merrill Freelance Writer
 2000 Phil Ferdinando J & F Farms
 1999 Carl Adams Adams Farm
 1998 Gary & Sabrina Mattson New England Anenomes
 1997 Frank & Pauline Scruton Scruton Dairy
 1996 Huntington Family Pleasant View Gardens
 1995 Dr. Gene Hussey Veterinarian
 1994 Gordon Anderson  
 1993 Dave & Edwina Morrill  Morrill Farm
 1992 John York  
 1991 Elizabeth Greene  
 1990 Eleanor & Frank Whittemore
Elwin & Betty Hardy
Brookdale Farms
 1989 Stacey Cole  
 1988 Frank & Maggie Hall Dairy Farmers, Unity, NH
 1987 Jack Weeks Weeks Dairy
 1986  RN “Jack” Johnson RN Johnson, Walpole, NH
 1985 Betsy Booth NH Llama
 1984 Marilyn Campbell Dairy Farmer/Legislator

Fred E. Beane Award

The Fred E. Beane Award recognizes an individual or organization in the communications field for effective coverage or agriculture and public issues affecting agriculture in New Hampshire, including forestry.

 Year Awarded
2020 Jasen Stock NH Timberland Owners Association
2019 Josh Marshall NH Farm Bureau
2018 Ray Brewer WMUR-TV
2017 Elodie Reed Concord Monitor
2016 Paula Tracy Union Leader & WMUR-TV
2015 Roger B. Swain Victory Garden & Noted Author
2014 David Anderson Society for the Protection of NH Forests
2013 Nancy Bean Foster Union Leader/NH Sunday News
2012 Angel Roy Hippo Press
2011 David Brooks Nashua Telegraph
2010 Peter St. James WTPL 107.7 FM
2009 Dan Gorenstein
(Honorable Mention – Sabrina Matteson)
NH Public Radio
(NH Farm Bureau)
2008  Roger Amsden Union Leader
2007  Nate Pardue  
2006  Jason Hirsch Associated Press
2005  Ronald Jager Book Author
2004  Amanda Perry Union Leader
2003 Patrick O’Grady Eagle Times
2002  WMUR-TV  
2001  Edith Tucker Coos County Democrat
2000  Jim Graham Concord Monitor
1999  Hilary Nelson Concord Monitor
1998  Nancy Gray Coos County Democrat
1997  Jessie Salsibury Milford Cabinet
1996  Erich Aldrich Keene Sentinel
1995  Peter St. James WNNH Radio
1994  Brian Roarke Keene Sentinel
 1993  Al Nettel Union Leader
 1992  Andrea Heil Valley News
 1991  John Harrigan Coos County Democrat
 1990 John Milne Boston Globe
 1989  Lorraine Merrill Freelance Writer
1988  Concord Monitor  
 1987  Adolphe Bernotas Associated Press
 1986  WKXL Radio  
 1985  Peg Boyles NH Times
 1984  Terry Lochhead & John Rudolph WEVO Radio 

Stephen H. Taylor Leadership Award For Agriculture Professionals

The Stephen H. Taylor Leadership Award recognizes an individual or business/organization currently working in the field of agriculture exemplifying leadership in the field of agriculture and consumer awareness and education regarding agriculture and agricultural issues.

 Year Awarded
 Recipient  Organization
2021 Seth Wilner

UNH Cooperative Extension

2020 Mike Lynch

National Resource Conservation Services (NRCS)

2019 Stacy Luke

Merrimack County Conservation District

2018 Alan Eaton UNH Cooperative Extension
2017 Catherine Violette UNH Cooperative Extension
2016 Mike Sciabarrasi UNH Cooperative Extension
2015 Amanda Costello Littleton Cheshire County Conservation District
2014 George Hamilton UNH Cooperative Extension
 2013 John C. Porter UNH Cooperative Extension